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Complex personal and financial issues can arise during a separation, divorce, paternity or modification action. In these types of cases, you want the most qualified Las Vegas Family law firm to represent your interests. The esteemed family attorneys at the firm, Byron L. Mills, Gregory S. Mills, and Daniel W. Anderson, provide decades of experience in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

The attorneys adhere to the highest ethical standards while treating their clients with honesty and integrity. Whether negotiating a complicated financial settlement on a pre-file basis or litigating a hotly contested family dispute in the courtroom, the lawyers at Mills, Mills & Anderson have the experience to help their clients fight for the best possible result.

Our Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys are focused on family matters throughout Clark County, NV, including Henderson and North Las Vegas. We represent both men and women throughout the Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Court Division, in Las Vegas in Clark County, NV.

Call (702) 386-0030 to schedule an initial consultation with our attorneys. During the consultation, our experienced Las Vegas Family Law legal team can help you decide what steps are needed to protect your right to a fair resolution. Let us give you advice on the best way to proceed.

Client Testimonial

Honest and Reliable Attorney

"I recommend Daniel Anderson. I've worked with Dan on two cases and on both occasions found him to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. If I ever had any questions Dan was readily available by phone or email. I always felt that Dan was giving his honest opinion and not trying to push to go back to court unnecessarily." - Jen

Types of Family Matters

We represent clients in a variety of family legal matters including:

Additional Resources

Divorce in Clark County, NV - Visit the website for the Clerk of Court in Clark County to learn more about how a divorce is recorded in the Clark County Recorder’s Office after it is filed with Family Court. Also, find additional links for divorce degrees through the self-help center of the family court and the Las Vegas Justice Court Clerk.

Family Law Self-Help Center - Visit the website of the Family Courts and Services Center to learn more about a variety of family legal issues including custody and child support in paternity actions, guardianship, name changes, and divorce. Also find information on separate maintenance, temporary protective orders, enforcing out of state orders, visitation for non-parents, and information for active military service members.

Family Courts in Las Vegas - Visit the website of the Clark County Courts to find more information on the Family Division of the Eighth Judicial District Court. The Family Division was created in January of 1993. Today, it has 20 judges presiding over family and juvenile cases. The Family Court presides over divorce, community property division, child visitation, child custody, child support, abuse/neglect cases, annulment, name changes, and adoption.

Family Courts and Services Center
601 N. Pecos
Las Vegas, NV 89155

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the permissible grounds for divorce in Nevada?

Nevada is a “no-fault” divorce state with only two requirements for divorce:

My husband left me; I want to file for divorce but I don't know where he lives. How should I proceed?

Once you file for divorce, your husband must be personally served with the summons and complaint by a third party. He can be served anywhere (not necessarily at home) as long as he is presented with the papers in person. If you cannot find him after an honest effort, you can ask the court to allow you to serve him by mailing the papers to his last known address and publishing the summons in a newspaper.

I was married in Florida and I just moved to Nevada. How soon can I file for divorce?

You may file for divorce immediately if your spouse has been a Nevada resident for at least six weeks. If not, you can establish residence in Nevada and then wait six weeks to file. You can establish residence in several ways, including:

What are the grounds for an annulment?

You may obtain an annulment if:

How much will I have to pay in child support?

Nevada's child support laws can be found here. The non-custodial parent must pay a certain statutory percentage of his gross monthly income (with a $100 per month minimum):

What is the difference between physical custody and legal custody of a child?

Legal custody is the right to make decisions about the child's life, health, and welfare. Physical custody refers to where the child will live. Either type of custody can be sole or joint (shared). Joint physical custody means the child alternates time living with each parent.

What factors are important to a court when making child custody and visitation decisions?

Many factors come into play, including:

Can I challenge a child support assessment?

Yes you can, although there is no guarantee that your challenge will be successful. The court will take into consideration factors such as:

How do I prove that I am the father of my child?

There are two ways to legally establish paternity: (i) sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity (your spouse must also sign) or (ii) seek a court order declaring you the father. At a court hearing, you might present DNA evidence of your paternity.

DNA testing proves that I am not the father of the child for whom I have been assessed child support. How do I contest my child support obligation?

Unfortunately, once paternity has been legally established (see above), it is no easy task to get the designation revoked – unless you can prove that your spouse fraudulently induced you into falsely believing that you were the father.

Can I talk to the judge privately?

No. This is known a “ex parte communication” and it is forbidden. All communication must take place in the presence of the other spouse or the other spouse's attorney.

I think the judge may be biased against me. Can I have the judge changed?

Once the judge has held a hearing or ruled on an issue (denied a motion to dismiss, for example), it is too late to change judges. Before that time, you can have the judge replaced one time by filing a “peremptory challenge” and paying a filing fee. A new judge will be randomly assigned to your case without your input.

What happens when I file for a Temporary Protection Order?

When you file for a protection order,  your case will be assigned to a justice of the peace. The justice of the peace will either:

Finding a Family Attorney in Nevada

If you need to find a Las Vegas Family Law Firm , then contact the attorneys at Mills, Mills & Anderson. We represent clients in divorce and family law cases throughout the Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Court Division, in Clark County, NV.

Finding out what you might need to do right now to protect your rights and help bring about the best possible outcome for your family. We help clients resolve cases through a mutual agreement when possible. We are also skilled trial lawyers ready to take the case to trial when the most favorable outcome cannot be negotiated before trial.

We are proud to be one of Las Vegas’ most respected family law practices. We work hard to maintain our reputation for excellence and a record of success.

Call us at (702) 386-0030 to discuss the unique facts of your case today.

This article was last updated on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

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