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When a substantial change in circumstances occurs, the parties might need to come back to court to have their family law or divorce order changed.

Modifications are common for issues of child custody and visitation, the need to relocate or move out of Nevada with the children, the modification of child support, the modification of alimony or spousal support, or motions to set aside a decree, default judgment or order.

If you need to modify a post-decree family law or divorce order issued by the court because of a substantial change in circumstances, then contact the experienced family law attorneys at Mills, Mills & Anderson. We represent clients throughout Clark County, including Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, Nevada. Call (702) 386-0030 today to schedule a consultation to talk with an experienced attorney about the particular facts of your case.

Process to Modify a Divorce Order in Las Vegas, NV

Although the court expects the parties to try to work out their problems out of court, the court knows that sometimes it becomes necessary to modify an order after a substantial change in circumstances. If the parties can agree on the modification that needs to be made then a divorce attorney can prepare a stipulation and proposed order for the court’s consideration.

If the parties cannot agree, it might be helpful to go to mediation to try and resolve the issues without going back to court for a contested evidentiary hearing. As a last alternative, the parties can ask the court to resolve any changes that should be made to the orders entered when the divorce was finalized.

The first step in the process of filing a “Motion to Modify” the previously entered order. The motion tells the court what the order currently says, the change in circumstances since that order was entered, and the proposed changes that should be made. A motion to modify an issue decided in the divorce can be filed by either spouse. So either the husband or wife or the plaintiff or defendant can file the motion to modify a prior order.

After the motion to modify is filed and served, then the other side can file a written opposition if he or she disagrees with the requested changes. After the motion is filed and served, and the opposition is received, then the court can set a hearing date. At the hearing, the court can consider evidence and hear testimony to decide what changes should be made to the order if any.

Finding a Las Vegas Attorney to Modify a Family Law Order

If you need a familiy law lawyer to modify a family law or divorce post-decree order, then contact an experienced attorney at Mills, Mills & Anderson. We represent clients throughout Clark County, Nevada, including in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. We represent clients who want to modify an order issued in the Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Court Division, in Las Vegas for Clark County, NV.

Whether you need to modify a child custody, child support order, spousal support amount, or file a motion to set aside a decree, default judgment or order, then contact the experienced family law law firm at Mills, Mills & Anderson to discuss your case.

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