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Attorneys for Stalking or Harassment TPO 

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We represent both the applicant and the adverse party in a case involving a stalking or harassment protection order in the Justice Courts throughout Clark County, Nevada, including Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. The Justice Courts typically hear cases that involve people who are not "domestically" related such as co-workers, employees, neighbors, roommates, or former friends.

If you need a temporary protective order against stalking or harassment by a person who is not domestically related to you, then you must file the petition in the appropriate Justice Court. These orders are sometimes called "restraining orders" or "protective orders."

Clark County has three urban Justice Courts in the Las Vegas valley and eight non-urban Justice Courts in rural Clark County. The Justice Courts that hear a request for a stalking or harassment TPO in Clark County include Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder Township, Bunkerville Township, Goodsprings Township, Laughlin Township, Mesquite Township, Moapa Township, Moapa Valley Township, or Searchlight Township.

After considering the application, the judge in the Justice Court can issue Temporary Protective Orders Against Stalking and Harassment. If a request for an extension is filed, then a return hearing will be scheduled. We also represent clients that want to dissolve, extend or modify a stalking or harassment order for protection.

If you need to file or need to defend yourself against a Temporary Protection Order for stalking, aggravated stalking or harassment, then contact an experienced TPO  attorney at Mills, Mills & Anderson. We represent clients in the Las Vegas Township Justice Court and the Justice Courts in the surrounding areas including North Las Vegas and Henderson. Call to schedule an office visit to discuss your case. 

Order for Protection Against Stalking or Harassment in Nevada

An Application for Order for Protection Against Stalking or Aggravated Stalking alleges that the conduct of the “adverse party” constitutes stalking or aggravated stalking. No fee is charged for filing the application. The definition of stalking includes the actions of a neighbor, co-worker or friend. If the person who allegedly commits the act of violence is domestically related to the person filing, then a Protection Order Domestic Violence should be filed instead.

Domestic violence is defined as violence that occurs in a domestic situation, such as in a home between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, gay or lesbian couple, or parents of a child.  A Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Orders are filed in the Family Courts and Services Center through the Eighth Judicial District Court.

An order of protection should be filed in the Justice Court of the township where the stalking or aggravated stalking was allegedly committed. For instance, protection orders for stalking or harassment can be filed in the Justice Courts in Las Vegas or North Las Vegas depending on where the acts occurred.  The crime of stalking is deemed to have been committed "where the conduct occurred," or "where the person who was affected by the conduct was located at the time that the conduct occurred." In some cases, the alleged crimes occurred in more than one jurisdiction such as Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas.

Definition of Stalking for Protection Orders in Nevada

Under Nevada Revised Statute NRS 200.575, the crime of “stalking” occurs when:

    The Adverse party engages in a course of conduct that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated or harassed, and
    The Applicant actually feels terrorized, frightened, intimidated or harassed.

Definition of Aggravated Stalking for Protection Orders in Nevada

Under Nevada Revised Statute NRS 200.575(2), the crime of “aggravated stalking” occurs when:

Definition of Harassment for Protection Orders in Nevada

Under Nevada Revised Statute 200.571, the crime of harassment occurs when:

Supporting Documentation in the Application for an Order of Protection

The application may include supporting documents such as:

Remember that any documents that you file with the application become a public record that can be viewed by any member of the public.

At the return hearing, the adverse party can also bring evidence of phone calls, notes or written threats, pictures of property damage or other written documentation that shows that the allegations in the application are not true or are exaggerated.

Issuance of the Temporary Protection Order for Stalking in Las Vegas, Clark County, NV

If the application is granted, the court will issue a Temporary Protection Order (TPO). The TPO will be served on the Adverse Party along with an Order scheduling the return hearing.

The Order can be extended for up to one year if a motion is requested asking the court to extend the order prior to its expiration. The court when then schedule a hearing on the TPO will stay in effect until that hearing.

Finding a Las Vegas Attorney for a Protection Order Against Stalking and Harassment

If a dispute with a co-worker, neighbor, or former friend or acquaintance involves allegations of stalking or harassment then contact an experienced attorney about your rights. Filing for a temporary protection order is a serious matter that should be reserved for the most serious cases. The protection order lawyers at Mills, Mills & Anderson represent individuals who are named as either the applicant or the adverse party.

Call the lawyers at Mills, Mills & Anderson for a consultation to discuss your rights and the best way to proceed. Call (702) 386-0030 today for any Order for Protection Against Stalking or Harassment filed in a Justice Court throughout Clark County, NV, including Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder Township, Bunkerville Township, Goodsprings Township, Laughlin Township, Mesquite Township, Moapa Township, Moapa Valley Township, or Searchlight Township.


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