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Physical Custody And Parent Relocation Law In Nevada

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature amended NRS 125C to include specific provisions regarding custodial preference and relocation of a child outside the state of Nevada. Prior to the amendments, parents without a custody order, parents with joint physical custody, and primary custodial parents were all treated differently when trying to relocate. Additionally, there was significant [ Read More… ]

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As a Father, Can I Receive Custody of My Children?

As a father, can I receive custody of my children? This is a question we hear often from men throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada area. The answer is unequivocally, yes! Men often fear pursuing child custody during a divorce or following the end of a relationship with the mother of a child. There is a [ Read More… ]

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How Lawyers Assist with Adoption

Adoption makes it possible to expand your family circle.  Many singles and couples rely on adoption to become parents when they struggle to have children through other avenues.  For other families, adoption makes legal and permanent new parent-child relationships established by marriage. An adoption legally changes the adopted child’s parents.  Consequently, adoptive parents often need [ Read More… ]

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Your Responsibilities as a Client

DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF PARTIES PURSUANT TO NRCP 16.2 Pursuant to Nevada Rule of Civil Procedure 16.2, there are certain requirements set by the Court that must be followed by the parties.  Failure to comply with these rules could result in sanctions, including an award of attorney’s fees payable to the opposing party.  Specifically: 1.         [ Read More… ]

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Nevada’s Anti-Deficiency Statute

If you’re like many of the homeowners in the state of Nevada, you may be facing or have already gone through a home foreclosure.  When this occurs in a depressed market, it can often result in a “deficiency” when the bank does not recover the total amount owed at the time of the foreclosure sale. [ Read More… ]

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No Fault Divorce in Nevada

Nevada is one of the easiest places in the country to get married.  All it takes is a ride to the Marriage Bureau for a certificate, a drive thru ceremony at one of the many wedding chapels, and you’re on you’re way to marital bliss.  Somewhat ironically, Nevada has also made itself one of the [ Read More… ]

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Domestic Partnership in Nevada

Over the past several years, the issue of same sex-marriage has been a controversial and frequently litigated subject throughout the United States.  A number of states have either passed or attempted to pass constitutional amendments banning the recognition of same sex marriage, while other states have explicitly chosen to recognize a same sex union as [ Read More… ]

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Why Do I Need an Attorney?

The BIGGEST mistake litigants make in any contested legal proceeding is taking on self representation.  While there are some individuals who are able to successfully navigate the procedural and substantive rules in a law suit, most individuals are ill-equipped to take on such a task.  Below are five reasons why representing yourself is a bad [ Read More… ]

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Child Custody in Las Vegas

For parents who have just separated, child custody is often the most contentious matter that parents will have to deal with as they move forward with separate lives.  It is also the most important, as the decisions parents make with respect to their children can have significant repercussions both legally and in their relationship with a child. [ Read More… ]

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Child Support in Nevada

If you are a single parent living in Nevada and have any questions regarding child support, keep reading.  Below you will find information that corrects some common misconceptions we see every day in our family law practice about child support in Nevada.  If you have any questions that are not answered below, feel free to [ Read More… ]

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