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After the court issues a temporary or extended order of protection (sometimes called a "restraining order" or a "TPO"), Nevada law provides a mechanism to modify or dissolve that order. If the court granted an order of protection against you to prevent you from having any contact with another person, then follow the order exactly until it is modified or dissolve.

A protective order modification attorney can explain the modification to you. If you talk with the adverse party about a modification, that contact itself will be considered a violation of the protective order. For this reason, it is usually better to have an experienced lawyer help you with any modification action.

Whether you are the original petitioner or respondent in the underlying action, if you are interested in modifying or dissolving an order of protection against domestic violence, stalking or harassment and you have good cause for the request, then contact an attorney at Mills, Mills & Anderson to discuss your case. Until a restraining order is dissolved or modified or expires by its terms, it must be obeyed. Call (702) 386-0030 today to discuss your case.

Nevada Revised Statute 33.080(2) - Dissolution or Modification of a TPO

In many of these cases, the victim in the case who originally sought the issuance of the TPO will contact us because he or she wants to modify or dissolve the TPO and resume a relationship with the adverse party.  In other cases, the respondent will contact us because the petitioner is causing them to violate the order by calling them or going to their home.

Never violate the order under any circumstances. If the petitioner now wants to have contact, the only appropriate response is to continue to follow the letter and spirit of the order and seek a dissolution or modification in front of the judge. In many cases, it is better to have a private attorney help you with this process so that no one can accuse you of violating the order.

NRS 33.080(2) provides:

“On 2 days' notice to the party who obtained the temporary order, the adverse party may appear and move its dissolution or modification, and in that event, the court shall proceed to hear and determine such motion as expeditiously as the ends of justice require.”

Additional Resources

Modifying or Dissolving a Protection Order in Nevada - Visit the website of the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, to learn more about the process of petitioning the court to modify or dissolve a temporary order of protection against domestic violence, stalking, aggravated stalking or harassment. Find the answers to frequently asked questions about filing a motion to dissolve, sample forms to modify the protection order, and appeals after an extended order for protection. Also find information on extending or enforcing a protection order.

Nevada Protection Order Handbook - The Clark County government website has published a “Nevada Protection Order Handbook” which was written by the Nevada Supreme Court. Find information on the procedure for filing for a protection order and the legal definition of a protection order, stalking, and harassment. The handbook provides information on the criminal penalties that can be imposed by the court after a violation of the protection order. The handbook has a section on legal remedies for the adverse party including the filing of a motion to dissolve, a motion to modify or an appeal to the District Court after an Extended Protection Order is issued.

Protective Orders in Henderson, NV - Learn more about temporary protective orders against harassment and stalking heard by the Henderson Justice Court. The Justice Court in Henderson does not issue Temporary Protective Orders Against Domestic Violence. The application should not be filed in Henderson, NV, unless the harassment or stalking occurred in the Henderson Township, and it was repetitive. The Justice Court in Henderson can also hear applications for an extended order of protection, or a request to modify, dissolve, or rescind the previously entered protection order.

Finding an Attorney to Modify or Dissolve an Order of Protection in Las Vegas, NV

If you need an attorney to modify or dissolve an extended or temporary protective order (often called the "TPO" or a "restraining order") then contact an experienced family law lawyer in Las Vegas at Mills, Mills & Anderson. Whether the underlying order involves allegations of domestic violence, stalking, workplace harassment, there are cases in which a future modification or dissolution is appropriate.

We represent clients in motions to modify a family law order throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of Clark County, Nevada, including Henderson and North Las Vegas. Those motions can include a request to modify a child support order, a child support order, an alimony order, or a protective order against violence.

Call an experienced family law attorney in Las Vegas as Mills, Mills & Anderson to find out more. Call (702) 386-0030 today.


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